Thunder Rocket

Uncompromisingly fast, light & portable storage for media professionals.

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Whether you are doing an infield edit of 4K 16bit RAW footage, moving production files before broadcast, or producing multi-track high sample rate audio, the Thunder Rocket will beat even your internal storage in performance.

Speed up your workflow, reduce wait time, and get more done.

Read / Write / Edit / Share:

  • Uncompressed 4K Video
  • RAW photo-shoot libraries
  • Multi-track, high sample rate audio
  • Large design files and libraries
  • 256GB
Reads 1.2GB/s* Writes 1.1GB/s*
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240g (8.5oz.)of true portability

Delivering your data, faster.

No more waiting around

Anyone who has waited for files to copy, load, compile, render, or export knows that your disk speed really matters.

For most media professionals, it is not the processor or graphics cards that are preventing you from working quicker, but the speed at which your files can be loaded, manipulated and transferred. With the Thunder Rocket, we have pushed this to the limit of the available technology.

Tried & Tested

We have tested the Thunder Rocket with industry experts.
They have given us plenty of use-cases of how it helped speed up
their workflow and even included a how-to so you can do the same!

Video Producer Use-Case

The Problem

Media Production is one of the most demanding processes in the world and it requires a supercharged workflow. With the revolution of 2K and 4K video, the read/write speeds now required to live-edit and process projects has caused this to become a much more daunting task than before. Sometimes grinding to a complete halt and having to preview in low-resolution, before waiting for the lengthy export process to complete.

The Solution

By moving your current project files, RAW media, and allocating scratch-disk space onto the Thunder Rocket, each element of the ingest, edit and export process is massively sped up. Often this will mean 2K and 4K full frame editing in field is possible, along with real-time effect renders, but also can reduce, by half or more, the time needed to make high resolution exports once an edit is completed. With very large, high resolution files, the portable, light nature of the Thunder Rocket makes the fast sharing and distribution of in-progress or complete project files a matter of seconds, rather than minutes on a local network, or hours/days via cloud storage.

Photographer Use-Case

The Problem

A photographer works with a large number of RAW images on a daily basis. Post-producing these is a slow but essential part of a photographer’s workflow and grinds to a crawl if there are multiple edits working at once primarily because of the read/write speeds of the internal, or external storage device being used.

The Solution

When dealing with RAW images, the Thunder Rocket is twice as fast as the internal storage of the latest MacBook models, and up to 4-times faster than any other portable storage hardware. By hosting all of the RAW files on the Thunder Rocket you can both take advantage of its incredible speed, while also maximizing the resources of your own computer, freeing up performance for the internal disk and further boosting the overall performance of your workflow.

Music Producer Use-Case

The Problem

Music professionals need to be able to develop their creative works on the move as well as in the studio. Unfortunately the speed required to process their compositions, and the large nature of their libraries, is often lacking in an internal or external storage device. This can often lead to heavy-duty synths crashing halfway through an idea, not just because of the read/write speeds of the storage being used, but also the amount of bandwidth available to the program itself.

The Solution

Using the Thunder Rocket to host the sample libraries as well as making all four lanes of the advanced M.2 Gen 2 PCIe storage that the Thunder Rocket has inside, it not only provides the best portable speed available, but the data bandwidth required to run simultaneously, the multiple core libraries of the modern synthesizers used regularly by musicians the world over, wherever they may be.


Work on the go.

One cable. Light as a feather

The Thunder Rocket uses one tethered cable for both data transfer and power supply, stored neatly in the cable management solution built into the rugged bumper. Unwrap, plug in and you're ready for blast-off!

Palm-sized, and weighing just 240g (8.5oz.), it can be easily carried with you wherever you go. Create in the field and then begin the edit on the journey home.

Cool as a Cucumber.

Heat Pipe Technology

Reading and writing at 1GB/s+ is hot work. To cool the world's fastest portable storage, we have taken the revolutionary step of adding Heat Pipe Technology to our Thunder Rocket, a world first for external storage hardware.

By substantially reducing the thermal gradient between the interior air and our aluminium casing, we ensure that the Thunder Rocket is always functioning at a healthy temperature, eliminating the risk of overheating, increasing the life span of your drive and ensuring smooth performance, no matter how hard you work.

Inside the box

  • Thunder Rocket with tethered Thunderbolt™ 2 cable
  • Rugged Rubber Bumper with Cable Management Solution

Warranty Information

The Thunder Rocket is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original purchase.

Let’s talk specifics.

The Technical

  • Body

    6061 Black Anodised Aluminium with rubber outer bumper

  • Storage

    256GB Samsung SM951 PCIe SSD

  • Controller

    Thunderbolt™ 2 Falcon Ridge 2C

  • Read Speed

    Please refer to the Thunder Rocket Speed Grid

  • Write Speed

    Please refer to the Thunder Rocket Speed Grid

  • Power

    Bus Powered

  • Hardware Requirements

    Computer with Thunderbolt™ 2 Port or Thunderbolt™ Port

  • Operating Systems

    Mac OSX

The Physical

  • Height

    22mm (0.8")

  • Width

    88mm (3.5")

  • Length

    132mm (5.2")

  • Cable Length

    260mm (10.2")

  • Weight

    240g (8.5oz)

Thunder Rocket FAQs.

Order Information

  • When will the Thunder Rocket start shipping?

    We will start shipping the Thunder Rocket in November 2015.

  • Where do you ship to and how much will it cost?

    We offer free worldwide shipping via UPS.

  • How long will shipping take?

    Delivery typically takes 3-7 days from the date of shipping. We will email you a tracking number when your order ships.

  • How can I change my shipping address or cancel my order?

    Simply email your order number, full name and new address to

  • Why am I being charged immediately for a pre-order?

    Making custom products is expensive. We use customer deposits to invest in the highest quality products possible, to make the best products possible.

  • What is the return/refund policy?

    If you're not totally satisfied with your purchase you can return your items within 30 days. Contact for assistance.

Product Information

  • Does the Thunder Rocket require an external power source?

    No, the Thunder Rocket is bus-powered using the tethered Thunderbolt™ 2 cable, making it truly portable.

  • What is the length of the Thunderbolt™2 cable?


  • Is there a built in password protection?

    No, but it can be easily added with the Disk Utility app on Mac, or the Disk Management program on Windows.

  • Does it require any extra software?

    No, the Thunder Rocket will appear on the desktop the same as any other external disk.

  • Does it make a lot of noise?

    The Thunder Rocket runs silently because the heat pipe technology means that there is no need for a fan.

  • Can the Thunder Rocket be daisy chained with other devices?

    Yes, but only at the end of the chain because it does not have any additional input ports.